Town of Ball Community Center

Town Ball Community Center



$175.00 PLUS $100.00 deposit 
The deposit will be refunded at the end of the month for the time period rented contingent upon inspection by the Town on the date following the event.

Security is required by Ball Police Department. Minimum of four hours starting at $20.00 an hour. 



Friday 4:30PM through 6:00AM Saturday
Saturday 6:00AM through 6:00AM Sunday
Sunday 6:00AM through 12:01AM Monday
Monday 4:30PM through 6:00AM Tuesday
Tuesday 4:30PM through 6:00AM Wednesday
Wednesday 4:30PM through 6:00AM Thursday
Thursday 4:30PM through 6:00AM Friday



No alcoholic beverages either served by user or its agents or assigns, or brought and/or consumed by any of the invites to any event held by user at the facility.  NO ALCOHOLIC BEVERAGES ARE ALLOWED IN THE FACILITY OR ON ITS GROUNDS.  No animals of any kind are allowed in the facility.