Gazebo located at the Walking Trail


The earliest record of settlers in Ball dates to between 1840 and 1863. In 1893 Captain Chittenden Edwin Ball, a native of Union County, Kentucky, who captained steamboats up the Red River to Alexandria, named a sawmill town after himself. The captain settled in Rapides Parish in the late 1880s, where he established the Sweet Home Mill.

In 1940 Camp Livingston was constructed, bringing with it job opportunities and a population boom. The number of military personnel stationed at Camp Livingston reached a peak of 42,500 in 1942. The end of World War II in 1945 brought about the closing of the base but many families decided to stay in the community.

Discussion of incorporation began in the 1960's and in May of 1972 incorporation was completed with the finalization of the town charter under "The Lawrason Act". 

The Ball Municipal Building was constructed in 1980 and houses the offices of the mayor, chief of police, the police department, the fire department, prosecutor's office and the utilities department. In 1989, the Ball Community Center and the senior citizens building were completed. A beautiful park complete with walking and jogging track has been added.

Today, Ball is the third largest municipality in Rapides Parish, Louisiana and comprises 8.0 square miles.  Located in the central part of our state we are just 141 miles northwest of our capital city of Baton Rouge and 219 miles from New Orleans.  Ball has a total population of 4,000.

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