Malone Cemetery

Cemetery Rules

  1. Anyone wanting to reserve plots in the cemetery is to contact the Town of Ball.

  2. The family will place a permanent marker on the grave within one year of burial. 

  3. The graves are not to be covered with gravel or stone. No chairs or benches are to be left in the cemetery.

  4. Live plants that would interfere with mowing are not to be planted in the cemetery.

  5. Caskets are to be placed inside a concrete, metal vault or grave liner.

  6. If foot markers are utilized they must be at ground level or on a base.

  7. Faded flowers are to be removed from the graves by loved ones.


**Burial plots are $500.00 each.

**Donations to the cemetery perpetual fund are requested annually from family members who have loved ones buried in the cemetery. Tax-deductible donations are to made payable to the Town of Ball Municipal Malone Cemetery, P.O. Box 800, Ball, LA 71405.

121 Camp Livingston Road
Ball, LA 71405
United States

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